§ 1


  1. These Rules and Regulations set out the conditions under which you can book and rent apartments, cottages and rooms included in the offer of the company wczasowa8.pl sp zoo having its seat in Sarbinowo, ul. Wczasowa 8, 76-034 Sarbinowo, Poland, NIP (Tax Identification Number): PL 4990693960 (hereinafter referred to as Wczasowa8 Apartments).
  2. Making a booking is tantamount to accepting the provisions of the RENTAL REGULATIONS of the Wczasowa8 Apartments. The contract for the provision of short-term accommodation between the client and the Wczasowa8 Apartments is concluded at the time of booking online or by phone under the conditions specified in the regulations and the price list.
  3. The Wczasowa8 Apartments Company reserves the right to refuse to accept a booking and to cancel a booking previously made without giving any reason. If the booking is cancelled by the Wczasowa8 Apartments, the amounts paid by the Client are subject to immediate refund.
  4. Only a person of legal age can be a client.

§ 2


  1. Available booking methods:
    • on-line booking system on the wczasowa8.pl website
    • by telephone: +48 8886-5-8886
    • by e-mail: [email protected]
  2. After making a booking, the Client receives their ‘Booking Confirmation’ of the chosen apartment, cottage or room per e-mail, together with the total cost of stay and the amount of the down payment, which should be paid to the indicated account number of the Wczasowa8 Apartments Company within 3 days of receiving the booking confirmation.
  3. Once the down payment has been credited, the Client receives a confirmation of their payment per e-mail.
  4. Failing to pay the down payment by the specified deadline means withdrawing from the contract. As a result, the booking will be automatically cancelled.
  5. The down payment is non-refundable and shall be understood as accepting these regulations and the price offer, which is not subject to change.
  6. The Booking Person grants their consent to have their personal data included in the client database of the Wczasowa8 Apartments. The data shall be processed only and exclusively for the purpose of making new bookings and for marketing purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29/08/1997.

§ 3


  1. Check-in begins at 2:00 pm (if possible, keys may be collected earlier by prior arrangement with the person responsible for handing over the keys) and ends at 10:00 pm.
  2. Check-in times:
    • from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the following address: ul. Wczasowa 8/4, 76-034 Sarbinowo. Failing to collect the keys during the aforementioned hours means cancelling the stay.
  3. The keys to the apartment, cottage or room will be handed over to the Client once they have made full payment due for the stay.
  4. The Client may receive an invoice for the stay in the apartment or room if they express their wish to receive one, no later than on the day of arrival.
  5. The Resident has the right to refuse to give the keys to the guest if the guest:
    • shows clear signs of illness, such as persistent cough, malaise, breathing difficulties,
    • does not have a valid proof of identity,
    • is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants,
    • behaves in an aggressive manner.

§ 4


  1. The hotel day ends at 10:00 pm.
  2. Check-out takes place between 7:00 am and 10:00 am.
  3. Leaving the apartment, cottage or room after 10:00 am without prior arrangement with the staff of the Wczasowa8 Apartments will be treated as extending the stay by another hotel day and calculated according to the price list being currently in force.
  4. Extending the stay must be reported to the staff of our company no later than at 3:00 pm on the day preceding the expiry date of the booking. Extending the stay is possible if the occupancy of the Wczasowa8 Apartments allows it and there are free apartments, cottages or rooms available.

§ 5


  1. If the booking is cancelled or the Client withdraws therefrom, the down payment made is forfeited.
  2. Changing the booking date is only possible if the Wczasowa8 Apartments Company agrees thereto.
  3. The Wczasowa8 Apartments Company reserves the right to refuse to shorten the Client’s stay free of charge. If the Client shortens their stay, they are obliged to cover 100% of the costs of the accommodation which they have cancelled.
  4. Any changes should be reported by phone or e-mail to the Wczasowa8 Apartments at: [email protected]. At the same time, Wczasowa8 Apartments reserves the right to refuse to make changes to the booking if, for objective reasons, it is not possible. If the Client cancels the booking due to the impossibility of making changes and withdraws thereby from the contract, the down payment made is not returned to them.

§ 6


  1. In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, the consequences of which cannot be removed immediately, the Wczasowa8 Apartments undertakes to provide a replacement apartment, cottage or room, similar to the one that was originally booked or, if possible, to provide a replacement apartment, cottage or room of a higher standard. If there is no apartment, cottage or room, the Wczasowa8 Apartments may cancel the booking. In such case, the amounts paid by the Client will be immediately refunded.

§ 7


  1. The Client is obliged to maintain the premises in good condition, to observe the principles of good neighbourliness and keep quiet hours between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am as well as to use the apartment, cottage or room in accordance with its purpose, exclusively for the purpose of a holiday or a business trip.
  2. The number of persons staying in the apartment, cottage or room may not be higher than the one defined in the booking.
  3. The Client is obliged to obliged to immediately report to the manager of the apartment, cottage or room any lack of equipment in the apartment, cottage or room, the same as any damage found in or caused to the apartment, cottage or room.
  4. The Client bears full financial liability for the damage caused to the apartment, cottage or room as well as to the building in which the premises are located.

§ 8


  1. Smoking is prohibited in all the apartments, cottages and rooms of the Wczasowa8 Apartments. Violating the ban may result in a fine of PLN 500.
  2. The Wczasowa8 Apartments Company is not liable for the items left behind in the apartment, cottage or room.
  3. A deposit of PLN 200 is charged at the time of check-in to cover possible damage caused later on. The deposit is returned at the check-out, after inspection of the apartment, cottage or room.
  4. Each stay is charged with a visitor’s tax (spa tax) amounting to PLN 1.8/person/hotel day.
  5. The law applicable to disputes between Wczasowa8 Apartments and the Client is Polish law. Disputes will be settled by the competent court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Wczasowa8 Apartments.

§ 9

Complaint procedure

  1. Clients have the right to complain about booking issues.
  2. Wczasowa8 Apartments accepts for consideration only complaints sent by e-mail to: [email protected] within 5 days of the end of the booking or, if the booking was not completed within the original time period, within 5 days of the date when the booking was scheduled to be take place. The provisions of this paragraph do not apply to Consumers. The rules for lodging complaints by Consumers have been defined in paragraph 4 below.
  3. Wczasowa8 Apartments reserves a 14-day deadline for the consideration of complaints lodged by the Client. Within this time period, Wczasowa8 Apartments will inform the Client of the outcome of the complaint.
  4. In case of Consumers, complaints can be reported in any form, in particular verbally, by e-mail to: [email protected] or by post to the address of the seat of Wczasowa8 Apartments within 14 days of the booking or of the date on which, in accordance with the contract between the parties, the booking was to be executed.