1. Before using the pool, you must read these rules and regulations and comply with them during your entire stay.
  2. Commencement of use of the pool is considered tantamount to having familiarised oneself with and accepted the conditions of the rules and regulations.
  3. The swimming pool is an unsupervised facility, therefore underage visitors should be supervised by adults who are fully responsible for them at all times when they are in the swimming pool area. The “swimming pool area” for the purposes of these rules and regulations is considered to be the tiled area around the pool.
  4. Guests of wczasowa8.pl can use the pool area free of charge.
  5. The pool is covered and heated (the water temperature is 28 degrees Celsius).
  6. The swimming pool is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., (available for our guests from April to November).
  7. The following are strictly prohibited in the swimming pool area:
    • bringing in: drinks, alcohol and food,
    • bringing in of glass containers and other sharp tools as well as dangerous objects
    • presence of animals/pets
    • admission of individuals whose state indicates consumption of alcohol or intoxicants of any kind
  8. Rules for using the swimming pool:
    • entering the swimming pool only when footwear is taken off and using the steps
    • swimwear is compulsory in the swimming pool: women in one- or two-piece bathing suits, men in swimming trunks or shorts.
    • hildren who use nappies must wear disposable nappies for bathing
  9. In the swimming pool area it is prohibited to:
    • put people in danger, i.e. run, drown, jump and throw things into the water.
    • throw any object into the water that is not intended for that purpose
    • damage equipment and manipulate with equipment
    • contaminate the pool water and the pool area, including physiological wastes in places not intended for this purpose.
    • use of soap and other chemical substances
    • behave in a manner generally considered to be obscene or offensive
    • causing false alarms
    • being naked
  10. People with unstable health conditions and pregnant women should use the pool with extreme caution or after prior consultation with a doctor
  11. The pool cannot be used by persons:
    • who have:
      • external signs indicating skin diseases
      • open wounds and cuts
      • breathing difficulties
    • suffering from: imbalance, circulatory problems
    • suffering from contagious diseases
    • suffering from heart diseases
    • showing a lack of personal hygiene
    • behaving aggressively
    • having frequent intravenous injections
  12. You should move around the pool area in clean, non-slip footwear that is intended for this purpose.
  13. Snacks and drinks bought at the Pool Bar are to be consumed in the designated area
  14. sun beds that are not used for a longer period of time will be cleaned by staff and items left there will be deposited at Reception.
  15. guests are liable for damage to, or destruction of, items of pool equipment under general terms and conditions
  16. the Rules and Regulations are available at the entrance to the pool area as well as at the Reception of the Facility.